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Press Kit / Bio

Singer - songwriter, instrumentalist and music producer, Hushman (AKA Ewan MacPherson) is a well respected figure on the UK folk scene. Known for his work with Indie-folk trio Salt House, Acid-Croft legends Shooglenifty and Nu-Nordic Quartet Fribo amongst others..


Ewan, a Liverpool born 'Anglo-Celt', grew up in Wales, studied at Paul McCartney's LIPA and is now resident in the Scottish Highlands.


“…a lot of my songs work on a variety of different levels, I enjoy the ambiguous and abstract in lyrics which allow for personal interpretation and pondering. Sometimes there are detours within my songs which are bridged or united with an overarching meaning or feeling. I worry about how we are forced to make our way in a society that seems to be going in the wrong direction. I find myself trying to describe feelings of disempowerment, how this bizarre world is so baffling and human decisions so astounding and farcical by turns, I try to bring a gentle light to it all and am always looking for hope.”


He was nominated as Instrumentalist of the Year at the 2014 MG Alba Trad Music Awards and his last solo instrumental album Fetch! picked up a Songlines “Top of the World” recognition. But Hushman  has never really been interested in winning awards, getting enough reward from the “doing” of music, creation and performance, the joy of collaboration and amazing experiences touring as far as India, New Zealand, Malaysia, North America, Australia and throughout Europe.

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All photographs by Archie MacFarlane

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